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NDE Level III Services

Industrial Inspection Services is having team of dedicated & experience NDE Level-III Personals, led by Mr. Rajesh Gandhi (ACCP Level-III,UT,RT,PT,MT) RWTUV NDT-3 (RT,UT,PT&MT).

Industrial Inspection Services have provided professional NDE-Level-III Services to many of Client since last four years. We are organizing customized client specific training & certification program for NDE, Level-I/II, as per SNT-TC-1A-2001/2006 document in RT, UT, PT& MPT methods. We are also providing NDE Level-III services like drafting of written practice based on SNT-TC-1A document by preparing, reviewing & approving NDE procedures.


Name of Organisation AI Agency Year of ASME Audit
M/s Patel Airtemp Ltd. Ahmedabad M/s HSBC Dec' 2002
M/s Industrial Manufacturer, Navi Mumbai M/s LRIS June'2003
M/s INDUS Eng.Co. ,Mumbai M/s HSBC Jan' 2004 & 2007
M/s Loyal Eng. (U stamp) M/s HSBC May' 05
Spetech Plant Equipments Pvt.Ltd. (U/R*S Stamp) M/s HSBC May' 2005 & 2008
M/s Techno process Eng. Pvt. Ltd M/s HSBC 2005 & 2009
M/s Kilburn Ltd. M/s LRIS 2005 & 2010
Gemini Engi – Fab Ltd M/s LRIS 2008
Phils Engineers Ltd M/s HSBC 2009
Geecey Eng.pvt.Ltd M/s LRIS 2006
Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Hazira M/s LRIS 2009
Burgmann Ind. Pvt. Ltd M/s HSBC 2006
Supreme Offshore M/s HSBC 2010
ITM projects M/s LRIS 2010
Eagle Burgmann HSBC 2011


NDE Level III Services, NDE Level III Professionals from India