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Furnace (Electrical, NG & Diesel)
Installation & Operation

Designing a furnace for Heat treatment of complex structures having varying size and shape is a challenging job, similarly designing furnace for heat treatment of many no. of similar compound having different shape and size is also a challenge, either furnace became very big and energy in efficient or very small to accommodate the structure.

Electrical modular furnace is one of the solutions. An electric modular furnace is multiple unit, we can fire one unit or depending upon need we can add no. of unit which gives us flexibility of operation and energy efficiency at same time.

We are designing, fabricating, installing and calibrating such furnaces, for our captive use since long time, we have designed, fabricated, installed and calibrated electrical modular furnace (3.5mWx5.5Hx10M) capable of heat treating up to 60 ton of structure, up to 1000*C. In the year 2010, we have designed and supplied to one of our customer in FUJAIRAH, UAE electrical modular furnance (15LX6WXH6M)  and diesel fire furnance to our customer in SHARJAH.

We have provided Box Type PID (Programmable) Electrical Furnace for Refactory Dry Outs to Messer. Rockwoll Ltd. at Reliance Industries Jamnagar.


Electrical Furnace Installation & Operation for Heat Treatment