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Consultancy for Industrial
Inspection Services

Rapid Industrial growth of India has created many Small to medium enterprises who requires specialized professional services for there day to day job and further expansion.

Industrial Inspection Services provides consultancy services for QA/QC Work either as in house or as third party and NDE-Level-III Services for ASME certification(U/R/S stamp).

We have team of Eng. (Including AWS/C-SWIP3.1/3.2,C-SWIP Painting inspection etc.) Trained for inspection. We are providing welding inspection services including setting of welding procedure as per ASME, Sec.-IX, BS and other relevant standards, stage wise inspection, witnessing & interpretation of NDE (RT, UT,MT& PT, etc.) ,preparation of documents, liaison with clients & submission of final documents. We have got third party inspection job for jetty at prestigious Shell LNG Project, Hazira under the project management of M/s Hazira Marine Eng.,(part of saipum group).We are also providing trained Inspection eng. To various organization like L&T ,Powai(for NPC, TAPP-III&IV &RAPP),L&T,HAZIRA etc.


Industrial Inspection Services Consultant, Certification for Industrial Inspection Services