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Our Success Stories

  • We have carried out ISR & LSR of -20 temperature at China by Internal Oil Firing in Furnace.
  • We have performed PWHT of assembly having -20 temperature at China.
  • Year 2010-2011, we have carried out LSR & ISR of 126 c/s of 4.5 diameter x 290mm thk (Cr-Mo V material by hybrid method i.e. with combination of gas firing and electrical resistance method.
  • Year 2010-2011, itself we have carried out more than 250 charges of various job in various Furnaces by natural gas.
  • We have carried out local stress relieving of largest C/S joint in India by electrical Resistance heating (FCC Re-generator for RPL, Jamnager, carried out at L&T Shop, Hazira, size being 16.3m dia x 48mm thk.).
  • We have carried out local stress relieving of thickest job (For Mallaika reactor, Malaysia carried out at L&T Hazira 6meter dia x 318mm thk.) We are carrying Out LSR of pressure vessels with low voltage (80V).
  • We have successfully completed installation of electrical furnace and diesel Furnace in gulf.
  • Last year total weld length examined by us by Dye penetrant testing crossed 300km.
  • We have received approval from Indian Register of Shipping for carrying out NDT in ship.
  • Upto now We have successfully participated in 40 ASME U stamp audit for our Various clients.
  • We have successfully participated in 4 ASME U stamp audit in last 8 months for Various clients.
  • We have carried out in situ localized refractory dry out using electrical resistance Heating at site and shop.
  • We have carried out complex in situ heat treatment of header assembly having more than 250 tubes, material P91 in situ.
  • We have carried out Pre-heating, PT, MPT & UT at site for Gasifire repair job (RIL Jamnagar) in challenging condition.